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Frequently asked questions
Q. Can I change the sort order of items and/or categories within my store?
A. Yes. All items and categories are sorted alphabetically be default but you can over-ride this by entering your own sort order value in the database.

Q. Is there a web developers or resellers price?
A. If you can resell in excess of 5 copies per month please contact us for pricing.

Q. As a web developer can I create as many stores as I like with eCommerce Software One?
A. Yes. Each store includes a comprehensive browser based management system that enables a merchant to manage the content on their web site themselves as well as process transactions.

Under this licence you cannot install the software on your clients PC. They can however maintain their store using the BBMS (Browser Based Maintenance System) tool. If the client wants the software installed on their own PC an additional license of eCommerce Software One is required.

Q. Can eCommerce Software One handle different currencies i.e. USD, GBP, AUD, CAN, EURO etc?
A. No problem providing your currency delimits fractions with a decimal point. For example, US $12.75

Q. Does eCommerce Software One support my real time payment gateway?
A. eCommerce Software One supports several payment gateways.

Q. What level of security does eCommerce Software One offer?
A. Payments are accepted via a 128bit SSL encrypted order form. This is the highest level of encryption accepted by a standard web browser.

Q. Can anyone use eCommerce Software One?
A. With absolutely no HTML skills you can build a fully functional web site by choosing from one of the professionally designed templates.

More advanced users can fully custom design a template with knowledge of HTML.

Q. How long has eCommerce Software One been around?
A. The first version of the program was first sold in 1996.

Q. Does eCommerce Software One support auction or bidding type transactions?
A. No.

Q. Can eCommerce Software One support different tax rates for different destinations?
A. Yes. eCommerce Software One supports both a GST/VAT/Retail sales tax style system as well as an over-ride tax which can be specified for each delivery destination. Here is how it works:
  1. Each product includes an Inc. and Ex. tax price. This is for any retail sales tax (or GST/VAT). If you don't have a retail sales tax then you can enter the same price in both fields.
  2. You can also setup zones to which different tax rates will apply. For example a delivery to your home state may incur a 10% sales tax but delivery to other states/countries do not incur any tax. We call this tax an over-ride tax. It applies to a specific delivery zone.
  3. Over-ride taxes can be applied to either the Inc. or Ex. tax product fields. This enables support for tax regimes where the government effectively taxes you on your tax . i.e. you can nominate a system that includes VAT within the product price + an over-ride tax to applied on the VAT inclusive amount.

Q. What methods of calculating freight does eCommerce Software One?
A. eCommerce Software One has 4 powerful freight models:
  1. Flat Rate. A flat rate ifs applied for each destination by a given method of delivery.
  2. Weight Based. Based on the total weight (or weighting) of goods in the shopping cart.
  3. Total Value. Based on the total price of goods in the shopping cart.
  4. Total Items. Based on the total quantity of items in the shopping cart.

    Each method also supports multiple methods of delivery for each given destination.

Q. Will my website be successful?
A. We can't guarantee that, however in using eCommerce Software One we can guarantee you an e-commerce website worthy of success.