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Database driven ecommerce software

eCommerce Software One shopping cart software is a proven ecommerce solution to cater to a wide range of monetization needs from small to medium businesses and entrepreneurs. All our plans include an online shopping cart, access to payment gateways, email management features, and web hosting, to name a few.

Compare our plans, see how eCommerce Software One has helped our customers, and test drive our ecommerce software on one of our sample stores.

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What is eCommerce Software One shopping cart system

eCommerce Software One is an integrated solution which includes everything you need to start selling online. It is a user-friendly ecommerce development system giving you the tools to build your online

ecommerce solution The solution is flexible. You can choose from the supplied templates to build your site, or, if you desire a sophisticated design with a customised look, you can select the advanced design mode and use

The software includes a powerful database-driven shopping cart system, a sophisticated content management system and a full-featured inventory control system.

The inventory system has optional stock rules and a stock control system with supply management. The system also includes a promotion management facility which supports incentive selling, a voucher system, cross selling, up selling, and the ability to publish customer data to a mailing list.

payment gatewaysThe system also includes a freight system, which allows you to calculate freight charges by flat rate, weight, value or item count; with support for multiple freight methods. The payment gateway module supports many different payment gateways including paypal, paymate and many real time payment gateways.

The system is a fully integrated solution which includes everything that you need to start selling online. The only costs not included are your domain name registration fees and any financial institution and third party payment gateway fees e.g., paypal or bank fees

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eCommerce Software One - why use us?

  • Affordable
    eCommerce Software One is very cost effective. The system includes a database-driven shopping cart, content management system, e-mail management system, efficient customer support, statistics module and forums. We've packaged up a comprehensive range of features at an affordable price.
  • Easy to use
    The eCommerce Software One software is very user friendly and easy to use. You can set up your own shop without having to be a computer expert.
  • Flexible
    eCommerce Software One has three different modes for store development, depending on the level of technical detail you are comfortable with. If you just want to get the basic structure of your online store up and running quickly, you can go for 'simple mode' and configure the existing themes and settings as required.
    If you are an intermediate user and want a bit more control over the settings, you can select 'intermediate mode'; and if you are proficient in graphics, HTML and CSS then 'advanced mode' will allow you further flexibility and freedom in creating your site. Try out the demo and see how the eCommerce Software One software is powerful and adaptable.
    eCommerce Software One has been refined and improved to cover a huge range of merchant requirements, but should you have particular requirements such as specialised import/export routines - the eCommerce Software One development team can provide you with a cost effective solution.
  • Integrated solution
    eCommerce Software One software is an integrated system which combines features such as a database driven shopping cart, Content management system, E-mail Management system, Order tracking, Freight management, Gift voucher support, improved customer support, statistics module, forums and more. By binding these features together as a coherent system - eCommerce Software One allows you to perform the bulk of your online inventory and presentation management in a streamlined and efficient way.
  • Proven solution
    With eCommerce Software One, modifying and managing your online store is child's play. We are online store specialists and that's what we do best. Over a thousand stores have been created with these tools, giving you a stable and established base. Why not try it yourself and start selling online.

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Online ecommerce software include everything you thought!

  • Shopping cart system
    The shopping cart system enables you to set up your store or catalogue with multiple products and categories. As the owner of the store, you always have control over the management of your inventory.
  • Content mangement system
    eCommerce Software One software has a simple and effective infrastructure for changing your content on the website. Just go to your management interface and edit the text you want to change. You can also upload graphics and change the font, colours, size and layout of your text whenever required.
  • Web hosting and email management system
    When you choose our product you also get web hosting of your store included in the price of every plan. Our web servers are monitored 24/7 by qualified engineers. Web hosting also includes an email management area.
  • Search engine optimization
    We optimize for the following search engines:
    The Software also supports the following modules
  • Image management
    eCommerce Software One image management provides you with flexibility in uploading images. You can upload as many you want, when you want.
  • Payment gateway module
    The eCommerce Software One payment gateway module supports a variety of payment proxies, including:
  • Domain name managment module
    The domain name management module will assist you in getting your domain registered with our supporting domain name provider. If you wish, you can register your domain name with other service providers but when you register via our systems we can provide support regarding domain name issues also.
  • Export module
    eCommerce Software One's export module enables you to export order details and user information to:
  • Mailing list, forums, live chat modules
    Our plans optionally have the ability to support mailing list forums and live chat support modules.

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